African Climate Teach-In Day
African Climate Teach-In Day Success Story
Read about the successful African Climate Teach-In Day in Ethiopia.

ACTID in Kano, Nigeria
Read about the successful African Climate Teach-In Day in Kano. Read more...

Join the African Climate Teach-In Day 2011

The Climate Teach-In Day continues in 2012

Dear users: Thank you for taking part in the 2011 African Climate Teach-In Day, which has now closed. You can still download the presentations. Please read the news, for more information.
Based on the success of this activity, it will be repeated in 2012 under the heading "Climate Teach-In Day 2012".
We look forward to welcoming you to the Climate Teach-In Day 2012!
The International Climate Change Information Programme Team.

The African continent is among the most vulnerable ones in respect of climate change, for various reasons. The AFRICAN CLIMATE TEACH-IN DAY 2011 wants to foster awareness about climate change in schools and universities in Africa and to engage young people and future professionals in the search for local solutions for a problem with has severe implications to the African continent. Read more...

What the "African Climate Teach-In Day" provides you with:

  1. a set of lectures in English prepared by some of the leading experts on climate change,
  2. a set of videos on the scientific, economic and social aspects of climate change which can be downloaded and a
  3. discussion forum which will be on-line during the period of the initiative.

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Category A:
Lectures on the scientific aspects of climate change including on modeling, forecasts and data analysis.
Category B:
Lectures on social aspects on climate change, including economics, policy-making and social impacts.
Category C:
Lectures dealing with education, communication and training on climate change.

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Discussion forum
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