What is it all about?
The event will consist of lectures on different aspects of climate change prepared by reknowned experts in the field. The lectures will be prepared in a way that allows the contents to be understood by secondary school and university students. [More]

How to participate

Participation at the African Climate Teach-In Day is simple and consists of three steps:

  • Step 1- Please register on-line so that you can gain access to the database where the papers will be placed;
  • Step 2- Choose a presentation or set of presentations which you wish to download. They will be made available a few days before the Teach-In Day starts;
  • Step 3- Download the presentation(s) and use them on your lecture(s)

The idea of the African Climate Teach-In Day is to foster a truly global debate on climate change in Africa and the challenges it poses. This means, for example, that a presentation prepared by a university lecturer or professor from Zimbabwe, be used at a lecture in Egypt or Senegal. This interaction within Africa on matters related to climate change is the essence of this unique event, the largest initiative on climate change communication which has ever been organised in Africa.

Be part of it!