What is it all about?
The event will consist of lectures on different aspects of climate change prepared by reknowned experts in the field. The lectures will be prepared in a way that allows the contents to be understood by secondary school and university students. [More]

Join the African Climate Teach-In Day 2016

The African continent is among the most vulnerable ones in respect of climate change, for various reasons.

The AFRICAN CLIMATE TEACH-IN DAY 2016 wants to foster awareness about climate change in schools and universities in Africa and to engage young people and future professionals in the search for local solutions for a problem with has severe implications to the African continent. Read more...

What the "African Climate Teach-In Day" provides you with:

  1. a set of lectures in English prepared by some of the leading experts on climate change,
  2. a set of videos on the scientific, economic and social aspects of climate change which can be downloaded and a
  3. discussion forum which will be on-line during the period of the initiative.

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Category A:
Lectures on the scientific aspects of climate change including modeling, forecasts and data analysis.
Category B:
Lectures on social aspects on climate change, including economics, policy-making and social impacts.
Category C:
Lectures dealing with education, communication and training on climate change.

Video clips
Discussion forum
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